Жидкое мыло BioNike Triderm Marseille 2 x 500 мл

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BioNike Triderm Liquid Soap Marseille 2x500ml

Product Name:
BioNike Triderm Liquid Soap Marseille 2x500ml


Product Size:

Summary Information:
Marseille Liquid Soap

Product Benefits:
All the properties and advantages of real Marseille soap are present in a liquid soap.
Respects the natural balance of even the most sensitive and least tolerant skin.

Used like regular liquid soap.

Product Composition:
Soap acid fractions: Only the more valuable oleic fractions of palm oil are used, as they contain long-chain fatty acids that have protective effects on the skin. Only medium to long-chain fractions of coconut oil are included.Cellulose ether and glycerin: The former is a gel-forming and thickening agent; the latter reduces the aggressive nature of the product and provides softening and moisturizing effects.Poliquaternium 7: A high-molecular-weight polymer that can form a protective film layer on the skin surface. It softens the skin after cleansing.

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