Loreal Paris Revitalift Отшелушивающий тоник 180 мл

Loreal Paris Revitalift Peeling Effective Tonic 180 ml

Product Name:
Loreal Paris Revitalift Peeling Effective Tonic

Loreal Paris

Product Size:
180 ml

Peeling Effective Tonic

Product Benefits:
  • Contains watermelon extract.
  • Suitable for daily care.
  • Contains glycolic acid.
  • Glycolic acid is a valuable ingredient for professional skin peeling.
  • Cleanses and purifies the skin gently, playing an important role in skin rejuvenation.
  • Enriched with 5% pure glycolic acid and watermelon extract, this tonic has significant benefits for the skin.
  • The peeling effective tonic, which has a skin-smoothing effect, provides instant brightness and smoothness with the first use, while supporting the skin to look more vibrant in a short time.
  • With the peeling effective tonic that you can add to your daily skin care routine, you can have a bright, smooth, and even skin tone.

How to Use:
  • Cleanse your skin.
  • Pour the tonic onto a cotton pad.
  • Apply to your skin using the cotton pad.
  • No need to rinse.
  • Use a sunscreen or a moisturizer with minimum 30 spf protection.

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Loreal Paris
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